Singing and listening are at the heart of music and can bring great joy to our lives.

Many people find it very challenging to start singing or pitch a note correctly.

Sometimes because they feel shy, don't appreciate their voice or they don't know where to start. These videos are designed to build your confidence so you can start singing when and what you want!

🎵The videos are arranged by difficulty. Please start with the first one and then gradually, at your pace, work your way to the last one.

🎵Please don't forget to read the description to the first video as well.

😊I hope you'll enjoy it!

Piano Posture and its Importance

Good Piano Posture

The illustration from:


ABRSM Article on the Importance of Posture

Hand Position

Hand Position and the Black Keys Exercise

How Good Is Your Hand Position?

How does a Grand Piano work & Piano Evolution

How Does a Grand Piano work

Part I

How Does a Grand Piano work

Part II

Piano Evolution

History of keyboard instruments

Old Keyboard Instruments

The World’s Oldest Piano

Mozart’s Fortepiano



Learn More About Symphony Orchestra

These videos will help you to prepare for the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam. Best of luck with your revision! 🌟

Quizzes About Symphony Orchestra (Grade 5 Theory)

Useful Sites

Benjamin Britten - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra