Julia Chernyavsky Music School

My name is Julia Chernyavsky (MA MMus PhD). I am a professional pianist and piano teacher based in Manchester.At the heart of my teaching is musical development, growth in confidence, skills and, ultimately, happiness for each of my students.Music is a brilliant tool which helps to reach full potential, broaden mind, stay more organised, improve the ability to focus and multitask, to enhance creativity and to develop other great skills which will stay with my students for life.I set for myself extremely high standards and have very high expectations of all my students. I take individual approach and give extra support to every student, at and in between the lessons. My teaching involves a variety of techniques, including games and author materials. I enter my students for competitions, exams and provide other performance opportunities. This gives my students extra encouragement and helps build their confidence.I teach improvisation and composition from very early stages to promote creativity and imagination.I really love staying in touch with parents and involve them in the learning of my younger students. This collaboration helps every child to develop easier and faster and to enjoy more the process of music making.