Julia is an amazing piano tutor  and the best tutor I have ever seen. Ever since my daughter started piano lessons with Julia, her skills have improved dramatically. Julia's helpful tips and pointers have helped my daughter a lot and she is very patient and understanding. She has helped my daughter through her musical journey and has been helpful and supportive along the way. Julia has helped my daughter get into Chetham's school of music and we are very grateful and appreciate it very much. She is very professional and I would strongly recommend her.

Julia 是我见过最有师德,艺德,高尚的音乐家。她总是尽自己的努力,不计较个人得失,不看重金钱,名利。一心扑在教学上。两年的时间让我的女儿从一个开始只有钢琴2级的水平,到现在成为chetham专业音乐学校的学生,教学有方。Julia不光只注重曲子练习,而是全方面的音乐知识灌输。付出的辛苦我们是看得到的。这里我强烈的推荐Julia,她绝对是值得尊重的音乐家,钢琴家。

Ying Liu

My name it's  Yu Zheng. my son was started learning with Julia from February. I'm highly recommend Julia. she is such a nice ,warm , patient and friendly . very responsible person who a  teach piano I have never met anyone else before . she it's fun on her lessons. my son was didn't like piano lessons before and now he like it . he just got  his piano grade 3 exam result : Distinction. thanks so much which means words are powerless to express my gratitude. ❤️

Yu Zheng

Julia's lessons have really improved my daughter's piano skills. She can play a lot of scales, sight-read extremely efficiently and is just a better pianist than she was before! Julia sets reasonable homework, has a flexible lesson plan and builds up my child's confidence! She really is an amazing teacher.

Y. Zhang

Julia 首先她是一个非常专业的钢琴老师!然后她非常的有责任心、爱心、耐心!这些让她变得更加完美!我家儿子的成绩和修养都能证明一切!我的儿子跟她学琴3年了!孩子明天都很期待她的课。我无法用语言表达我对她的感谢!我的女儿已经在排队等着5岁上Julia老师的课!我强烈推荐她!!!你还在犹豫什么!

Yan Huang

Miss Julia is a very patient teacher. She is very friendly. Every hand gesture and every piece of music is patiently taught. Teach the piano in a game so that your child will be interested in continuing to learn the piano. Both my children and I like Julia's teaching style very much, and we also like such an excellent teacher.

Lixian Tan

When my son was six years old, he started to learn piano with Julia. Although it can be tricky to keep him motivated to practice regularly, Julia has many tips and activities which makes learning the piano fun. Julia is patience and she creatively tailors lessons for him. My son is now nine years old and is still enjoying his lessons.

Linda Choi-Poon

Julia is an excellent pianist and tutor. Whilst focusing on the fundamentals, she allowed me to take the lessons in my own direction, and gave me very useful pointers and tips for improvement. She also made the lessons more engaging by tailoring them to my musical interests, as opposed to sticking to a formula or a book. Highly recommend!

TJ Hardman

My daughter's confidence in playing piano increased and she really enjoyed Julia's lessons which were fun , well structured and very professional. Julia is able to help students gain confidence and helps them enjoy playing the piano.

Peter Burns

Julia is a very patient, passionate and professional piano tutor. We are very happy and feel lucky to find her.

Niki Yao

Julia is a very sympathetic teacher who has improved my piano playing a lot. Other musicians have admired the relaxed technique she has taught me.  Thanks to her I am now able to accompany my pupils in their ABRSM grade exams. I feel very lucky to have lessons with Julia.

Sara Stewart

Julia is an amazing teacher and has helped me develop a good understanding of music theory, how to play the piano and how to experiment with music. I was looking for a tutor to help take my music production to the next level and she did exactly that. She’s extremely patient and has an incredible amount of knowledge to share, but more importantly, she has a passion for music and teaching which she demonstrates in each and every lesson!

Adrian Robertson

Very grateful for this kind review from Keith M:


Rated ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Very grateful for this kind review from Mandy B:

"It was a sublime experience on Tuesday! People commented on how delightful Julia's playing was.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU for entertainig the crowd with your wonderful piano playing! We are delighted to invite you back and really looking forward to hearing you play for longer next time."

Rated ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Very grateful for this kind review from Barbara G:

"Thank you so much for the really delightful recital you gave us last night. Everybody was full of admiration for your playing and your presentation. It was a lovely occasion and we were so fortunate to have you play for us"

Rated ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️